Taking Care of Our Own

There was a time when wisdom and tradition were valued above status and money . . . when people respected each other and their property . . . when an honest day's work started at dawn and ended at dusk...when communities took care of each other . . . when Faith was strong and Family was the backbone of daily life.

Mother and Baby


United by hope and belief in neighbor helping neighbor, the United Way of Mitchell County has maintained the legacy of caring. Since the beginning the United Way idea of community based fund raising has encouraged people to fight hunger, disease, and poverty. As our community grows and more needs arise, the United Way has adapted to meet the needs of a changing society. Today the United Way of Mitchell County continues in the mountain way:  "Taking care of our own."

Please send your tax deductible contribution to:

United Way of Mitchell County
31 Cross Street, Suite 210
Spruce Pine, NC 28777


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